Debug mode. Infinite loop


Spins freely. A JavaScript plugin for jog dial controls.

Download JogDial.js

Build version 1.0

Small and standalone

JogDial is 9kb when minified, and it does not require jQuery or other libraries to run the script.

Supported browsers and device

JogDial supports Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer 7+ and most of modern browsers include mobile device.

Code example

JogDial(element, options)
.on( "mousemove", function(event) { alert('You move it!') } );

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  • debug {bool}
  • touchMode {string}
  • knobSize {% or px}
  • wheelSize {% or px}
  • zIndex {int}
  • degreeStartAt {int}
  • minDegree {int | null}
  • maxDegree {int | null}

Event list

  • mousedown
  • mousemove
  • mouseup

Event data list



angle( deg )